Source code for pypath.mysql_connect

#!/usr/bin/env python2
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

#  This file is part of the `pypath` python module
#  Copyright (c) 2014-2015 - EMBL-EBI
#  File author(s): Dénes Türei (
#  Distributed under the GNU GPLv3 License.
#  See accompanying file LICENSE.txt or copy at
#  Website:

from past.builtins import xrange, range, reduce

import os
import sys
import configparser

    import pymysql as MySQLdb
    import pymysql.cursors as cursors
    sys.stdout.write('\t:: No MySQL support.\n')

from pypath import common

[docs]class MysqlConnect(object): def __init__(self, config=None, log=None, timeout=12): ''' config is the name of a connection config file ''' self.log = log self.timeout = timeout self.conf_file = config if config is not None \ else os.path.join(common.ROOT, 'mysql_config', 'defaults.mysql') self.conf_reader = configparser.RawConfigParser() self.configs = self.conf_reader.sections() self.access = {} self.read_configs() def read_configs(self): for name in self.configs: self.read_config(name) def read_config(self, name): try: self.access[name] = { 'host': self.conf_reader.get(name, 'host'), 'user': self.conf_reader.get(name, 'user'), 'password': self.conf_reader.get(name, 'password'), 'db': self.conf_reader.get(name, 'database') } if self.conf_reader.has_option(name, 'port'): self.access[name]['port'] = int( self.conf_reader.get(name, 'port')) else: self.access[name]['port'] = 3306 except: self.access[name] = None error = 'Could not read MySQL settings from file %s in section %s' % \ (self.conf_file, name) if self.log is not None: self.log.msq(2, error, 'ERROR') else: common.console(error) def get_connection(self, name, cursor='SSDictCursor', **kwargs): if self.access[name] is None: self.read_config(name) if self.access[name] is None: self.access[name] = None error = 'Configuration missing to access MySQL for %s' % (name) if self.log is not None: self.log.msq(2, error, 'ERROR') else: common.console(error) else: try: con = MySQLdb.connect( host=self.access[name]['host'], user=self.access[name]['user'], port=self.access[name]['port'], passwd=self.access[name]['password'], db=self.access[name]['db'], cursorclass=getattr(cursors, cursor), connect_timeout=self.timeout, **kwargs) return con except: error = 'Failed to connect MySQL `%s\'.' % name if self.log is not None: self.log.msg(2, error, 'ERROR') else: common.console(error) return None